The First Muslim Friendly Luxury Resort in the Americas

Its been a while, hasn’t it? First, Happy International Podcast Day! In celebration I put in a little more effort to get a new episode up :). This episode is actually really cool because I sit down with Rebecca Khan who is the Marketing Director of the first Muslim friendly Luxury resort in the Americas– Grand Medina. Yes you read that right, Muslim friendly! Check out the episode to lear about the accommodations, like halal food and an all women club/spa with an all women’s pool!

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Chronicles of a Muslim Vegan

How many Muslim, Arab Vegans do you know? 0? 1?, Maybe 3? Well now at least maybe  1.

How it Started…

What does eating vegan mean? It means you don’t eat any meat or animal byproducts, so thats all meat, dairy, and poultry.

About four years ago my younger sister Hana became a vegetarian and it kind of surprised us all. To be honest, and she knows this, I didn’t think she was going to stick with it. Sure enough she did, and today not only has she been a vegetarian for years but recently transitioned into a vegan!

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