Are you hot in that?

Im not even going to try and pretend that I didn’t have a fangirl moment when I recorded this episode- I completely own it…

20180316_174631187_iOS 2.JPGHuda Fahmy  is the creator and illustrator behind the successful webcomic series, Yes, I’m Hot in This. With almost 170k followers on Instagram, Huda’s comics follow the misadventures of her eponymous character and give perspective on the life of a slightly sweaty American hijabi.

Huda was born and raised in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan where she majored in English. She then taught English for eight years in Michigan and Texas before shifting roles and using her art to enlighten and entertain. She has been featured in several online publications including the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Affinity Magazine and now…This Muslim Girl Podcast!


I had so much fun and so many laughs recording this episode I almost wish I could share the 30% that got cut off. I made the choice to make this feature into two episodes because I couldn’t get myself to trim anymore content and I felt was too long to upload as one. So stay tuned because Part 2 is now available HERE and also available on most podcast apps! 🙂

Part 1 available HERE



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