Muslim Women’s Day

Its Muslims Women’s Day! I am currently at work but I couldn’t help it, I had to write something for the occasion (Shhh… don’t tell my boss).


You don’t need a history lesson to know that women have always been on the battle ground when it comes to equal rights and representation. Women have fought to breakthrough countless barriers and walls. In some parts of the world, women are still fighting battles today to try and secure some of the most essential human rights and needs.

As a Muslim woman in the West, I face a lot of my own battles but I understand that I probably have more privilege than other Muslim women around me. So, I am happy to celebrate them/us today and every day, especially the MOTHERS. Mothers like my own who sacrifice so much to take care of their families. They work so hard to ensure that everyone succeeds, yet, we find that our mothers are the ones who are left looking for a purpose when everyone else has grown and left the nest.

I recently have found myself carrying conversations about mothers and questioning what they do after their kids leave for college or have moved out and started a family of their own. I’m speaking in particular of immigrant mothers like my own, who came here and essentially raised the kids on her own while the husband worked relentlessly. It makes me realize that we don’t invest enough of our adult years giving back to our moms to ensure they have the support and encouragement to find a purpose in something they love to do. They shouldn’t feel like the next step in their life is to just sit at home and not continue their life with meaning and excitement.

My mom, may Allah bless her, just recently enrolled in Adult School at the age of 61 to attend ESL classes and maybe eventually get her GED. When I was younger she used to take evening ESL classes at the primary school we attended but nothing formal. I am so proud of her for not feeling like at her age she can’t take on something new, something that allows her to be more independent.


So to all my Muslim sisters out there: no matter where you are in life, always strive for a purpose- don’t let anyone, not within your community or the far right/left of the west, convince you of anything other than your own truth. Live unapologetic as the queens you are and thrive to find your happiness.

Here’s to strong women— may we knowthem, may we bethem, and may we raisethem.


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