“My Father was Accused of Being a Terrorist”

I love how easy it is to get connected to people today! I feel so fortunate to get to meet such inspiring and strong women from all over the world, and my next guest is an absolute example of that strength.

I met Mariam through a mutual friend who thought Mariam would be a great feature. I was told she was amazing and smart and that I should have her on because she had a story to share. At that time, and really up until I got Mariam on the phone, I didn’t know what that story was. When she started to tell me about it I was compeltetly tuned in! It was one for the books…

In 2004, Mariam’s dad was accused of supporting 9/11 terrorist activities. On the day of his arrest he was in a government building seconds away from taking his oath of citizenship before it was disrupted by a rush of FBI agents-  he did not know that was his last day as a free man in America.

“My dad basically walked into a lions den without his knowledge. January 2004 he goes to a government building to take his oath for citizenship and he’s blind sided completely. I remember the doors open and all these FBI agents rush through the door and they have their guns drawn and arrested him. I don’t even think they read him his Miranda Rights…and it was very dehumanizing and almost humiliating how they did it…you don’t have rights when you’re considered a terrorist”

All the while her dad was being arrested and charged, her mother came home greeted by FBI agents who raided their home.

In this episode, Mariam shares how life changed drastically after that day as well as what proceeded after for the next two and half years before her dad ultimately chose to self deport. This past Ramadan, Mariam was able to fly overseas to finally see her father after 11 years. Tune in to this episode to hear her family’s struggle and and how they overcame adversity.

To listen on iTunes: HERE

To listen via webpage: HERE


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