Sister Sister Podcast Episode / Ramadan Mubarak 2017


First, Ramadan Mubarak! I know I’m kind of late considering Eid is about a week away. Is anyone else freaked out by how fast time is passing!?

Any who, I recorded an episode with my sister, Hana, that is available HERE for iTunes and HERE for for Android . Hana and I actually tried recording an episode together months ago but for whatever reason our recording was full of problems – wasn’t the time I guess?

90% of the time you are talking

-Hana (TMGP)

Hana and I can spend hours talking, arguing even, about the most random of things. Im sure most sisters, or siblings even, can relate. Its such a healthy thing to be able to talk  and agree or disagree with someone comfortably, especially when you live with that person – Its time well spent. So, I knew I wanted to sit and just chat with her so I asked her to join me in a conversation about a few things:Veganism, school, and social media.

With seven years between us, I have noticed the difference in some of the experiences we share and the types of environments we grew up in. I wanted to bring in some perspective of Muslim female youth and although there is so much to talk about, specifically on being a youth, I wanted something casual and introductory because I think she and I will be recording again in the future soon.

So, I hope you enjoy an episode that is more special and personal to me :). As always, feel free to leave a comment below or on TMGP social media. I would be forever grateful if you left a review and subscribed :)! 

Till next time,

 ♥ Noor


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