Meet Jehan Hakim (Podcast Ep 02)…

…a Yemeni-American advocate changing communities and building bridges.

Leaders in our communities have always been predominately, if not entirely, controlled by men. The involvement of women was minuscule or non existent for whatever reason and that was the norm growing up. Today, with many Yemeni women graduating from university and acquiring knowledge in areas such as political science, sociology, anthropology, and psychology it is paramount that these types of backgrounds are utilized in building and nourishing our communities.

img_1719I wanted to speak with Jehan, someone I had only previously known through Facebook, because of her involvement and contribution to her community and the way in which she was being represented and respected amongst a predominately male dominated arena. I knew this woman was my kind of woman.

When I reached out to her she was the most supportive, kind hearted soul. I also immediately felt the fire in her, a fire that was yearning for change and progression for not only her future but also the future of her two teenage daughters.

Jehan is a National Security and Civil Rights Community Advocate for the Asian Law Caucus. You can find her information here.

In listening to this episode I hope  you will understand more on the importance of female involvement in our community boards and organizations. It is my effort to highlight someone who I believe has successfully been involved and impacted change. It is not effective for a group of men, who are mostly ignorant to the struggles and needs of the muslim women in their community, to discuss community affairs and make impactful decisions void of the female voice. Especially when the females in the community are yearning and struggling for representation, equality, and sometimes basic human rights. So it has been an absolute pleasure speaking to and learning from someone who is working towards changing that.

Listen to this episode of This Muslim Girl Podcast HERE

If you or anyone you know would like to receive information on how to get more involved in the community, or need help with issues pertaining to hate or discrimination please send an email to

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