Meet Anysa Saleh – Podcast Ep. 01

A Yemeni-American Bay Area Artist from the Central Valley of California

I have known Anysa my entire adult life. I met her the first day of my freshman year in college. I didn’t think much of our acquaintance because she was my older sisters friend and 9 years older than me. I later would find out that age was an arbitrary number that was insignificant to the intellectual and artistic relationship we would create. She is an inspirational, strong– yet delicate-, game changer  – but most of all she is one of my best friends.

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-7-47-38-pmWhen I knew I wanted to record different discussions and interviews I was seeking first those closest to me that I not only could trust and rely on but also that I could feel comfortable with making mistakes (especially seeing that I am a complete amateur to this). So Anysa’s name immediately was among that handful of women I knew I wanted to speak with. She was someone I was comfortable with but also someone challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries. Needless to say she was exactly what I was looking for.In this episode, we cover many things but they all relate back to one issue: the dichotomy of two cultures.


From Anysa’s Instagram-A lamentation of a strong willed Yemeni-American Female.

In listening, I hope that you will find insight into the different struggles she, and many others like her face. I also hope that I have created a platform that can evolve into a mouthpiece for her and many others like her.

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