DIY Center Pieces

Learn an easy way to DIY a center piece


With just a few items you can create such an elegant center piece for your table or something for your bedroom dresser. You can always do more or less, I found that three worked best for what I was trying to achieve. It’s so simple I don’t even need to explain it but I took sometime and had fun with the camera. Peep the following photos  to see exactly what I did :).

Heres what you need:

You can get these items really ANYWHERE.

Wine Glasses: You can buy the same size but I like having different shapes and sizes.


Candles: Its important to make sure that the candles you get fit the bottoms of the glass – If they are too big or too small it might look weird.


Fake Flowers: You could use real flowers and as they change with time I think it could look very cool. I went for fake flowers, I like that the colors of these complimented the vanilla scented candles I got.


How to assemble:

First, pick the flowers that fit really well into the glass. Make sure they are not too big where the flower can’t spread out, and not too small that leave too much empty space. When you have the right sizes, place them inside, bottoms up first  with a slight slope. That way when you turn the glass over you see most of the flower.

The rest is pretty self explanatory, just assemble them as you please, top them with the candles and viola!


Extra Tips:

  • If this is for a dining table you can wrap vine or chiffon fabric.
  • You can do the same thing with regular glass cups and/or mix and match for different height levels.
  • When you want a change, simply change the color scheme or type of flowers to fit the occasion, season, or your mood 🙂


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