I have been trying to figure out the right space and medium for me to share everything in my thought bubbles. Recently I started listening to podcasts within the past year, and I think that there is definitely a space for what I want to do in that arena. My friend Khulood is really into them and we actually love discussing our favorite shows and she often sends funny or interesting episodes.


Originally, the idea of a podcast was as an outlet for me to discuss with others things that interested me. It was especially important for me to bring issues I felt weren’t being discussed at the forefront. As I started recording I realized that this was evolving into a resource for women to share their story and to utilize this platform to help others through communication. Im sure with time the podcast will continue to evolve naturally into its true purpose.

Muslim women narratives are often misrepresented and molded into the oppressed, regressive, sob story we see too often in the media. But aside from issues faced from being a muslim and a female, there is so much more that we can discuss. What roles these women play in our community, how they are branching out into the public sphere doing what they love, and how female empowerment amongst ourselves is more necessary today than ever.

Here you will find my blog posts about each episode with episode notes, guest information, and any supplemental information needed.

Im excited and nervous for all to hear it



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