Allow Me to Introduce Myself…


Isn’t it the hardest thing to sit down and write something about yourself? There are so many things that make up a person and knowing what aspects of you to share can be overwhelming, but I’ll try.

First, I love bullet points. They’re straight to the point and easy to follow.

So, to no surprise:

  • My name is Noor Ali
  • I am of 26 years, or as I look at it, 4 years till 30 (yikes!)
  • I’ve lived most of my life in the Golden State
  • I have been a vegan for over a year.
  • I have 7 amazing brothers and sisters..
  • ..which means I have 16 adorable nieces and nephews!
  • My parents are from Yemen
  • I finished University in 2014: BA in Political Science and Fine Arts, MA in Public Policy and Administration
  • I love many forms of art and I’m incredibly curious about life
  • I love nature, and lastly
  • I aspire, with everything I do in life, to help others reach their fullest potential with personal and spiritual development. I want to accomplish that with whatever knowledge or aid I can provide.

What to Expect: Basically Anything and Everything

I have always been an eclectic spirit. I get inspired in life by so many different things and I am always curious about the unknown. My curiosity has led me to adapt a lot of lifestyle changes over the years.

∇ religion and spirituality play a large role in my everyday life. They are the source to the decisions I make and the way I chose to live my life. I also am marveled by the way others use their religion and spirituality to guide their moral compass and lifestyle.

∇ and then there is culture. Culture is beautiful, but it also can hinder a progressive thinker, especially if you are a woman.

∇ wellness. There is an abundance of information that is accessible to anyone with wifi on health. This is a good and a bad thing – It’s good because it allows people to share new information and try different things but it also creates a space for bad fad diets and a body obsessive culture creating a complex for many people especially young woman.

∇ mental health and self help – I recently became more interested in this area because I found that culturally it was taboo to discuss mental health issues all the while it was affecting people close to me and my community. The lack of resources and information on mental health have inspired me to work on education, acceptance, and accessibility to enrich people to overcome their fears. If they are aware then they can work on learning how to live life with good management of their issues and a positive mindset.

∇ you can expect anything. No, really anything. Those who know me know that I can talk  about just anything. Again, going back to being an eclectic, curious person don’t be surprised if I have a whole post on rocks.

I guess thats it; welcome to my thought bubble.



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